TrendPac is an Australian contract manufacturer offering a full range of manufacturing, packaging and product development services in a number of non-food areas:


• Personal care products

• Household cleaning products

• Petcare products

• Car care products

• Industrial cleaning products.


TrendPac was established in 1963 and is 100% Australian family-owned.


Our facilities are located just over one hour north of Sydney on the Central Coast of NSW. We have a well-established delivery network throughout Australia and are now expanding into international markets.  


Our clients include: 


• All of the major Australian supermarket chains

• Several multinational companies

• Several Australian companies.


TrendPac is HACCP accredited (Non Food) and the holder of an Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority licence. Our quality systems are independently audited and regularly benchmarked against world standards. Our Operations are managed under GMP.


TrendPac is also a member of Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA).






TrendPac employs a talented, diverse & skilled workforce. 


Since TrendPac’s establishment in 1963, trading then as Hu-chem Pty Ltd, TrendPac has seen high employee satisfaction, productivity & retention.


All staff recruited are trained under GMP. Ongoing training ensures the development for our staff to grow, exceed and expand opportunities both internally and externally of the organisation.


TrendPac recognises that it is the people whom we employ that make up the heart of our success as an organisation. Therefore TrendPac is committed to ensuring respect, integrity and fairness within the workplace






TrendPac believes we all have a responsibility to care and protect the environment in which we operate.


Therefore as a company we are committed to improving our environmental performances across all of our business activities whilst ensuring that we produce products of the highest quality


TrendPac is a member of the RSPO and supports the growth and use of sustainable palm oil.